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Solar sector offers opportunities for young Bermudians

Posted on Fri, 28 Jan, 2022

Written by Lead Solar Installer - Tre Govia.

In 2010, after graduating from Cedarbridge Academy, like most kids just out of high school, I didn’t have any idea of what sort of career I wanted to focus on so I was working at IBC and spending time playing cricket and football. One day I was training at Bailey's Bay Cricket Club and was introduced to Stuart Kriendler, who worked for BE Solar. After realising we shared similar interests, we got into a great conversation about the benefits of solar and the renewable energy industry.

We spoke about how more Bermudians could get jobs in this industry and how deploying solar energy empowers Bermudians to reduce their cost of living and dependence on fossil fuels. Hearing his passion for how the renewable energy industry would continue to grow and provide a variety of great, stable jobs was contagious and I knew the best way for me to make a difference was to be a part of it.

Stuart explained that the company was looking for young Bermudians to join their team and invited me to trial working there. Eleven years later, I am now the lead solar technician and one of the longest standing employees on the team.

When I first started in 2010 BE Solar was a small team of four focusing on installing solar thermal hot water panel installations. Back then there wasn’t as much interest in solar electric systems but in 2013 demand began to increase and we started installing more. My experience started to grow and I gained valuable knowledge about installing solar photovoltaic systems and was excited to be on a career path that helped reduce the impact of climate change both in Bermuda and globally.

Through my years with the team I have been able to acquire invaluable skills from excellent hands-on training, tremendous cross training and unconditional leadership to fill the role I hold today.

BE Solar has grown so much since I started and I have witnessed our team expand with more employees and larger energy systems being deployed. We currently have 19 team members and are constantly looking for more individuals who are eager to try new things and help Bermuda reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint.

I have learned how to take the initiative as well as how to adapt in a constantly changing environment. Having the knowledge to solve real life problems both professionally and personally has shown me that taking chances and applying myself can be rewarding on so many levels. Applying these skills to my role as the Lead Solar Technician has allowed me to educate my team in a way that is progressive towards the company's growth and our quality standards. As a young Bermudian, I can say that working in the renewable energy industry has created a great professional opportunity for me where I can grow and reduce the effects of climate change both in Bermuda and globally.

These days, when I am up on a roof installing solar panels, all I can think about is how proud I am of the work that we do and the impact that I am making in Bermuda and on our planet. It is very satisfying to know that I have been playing an instrumental role in the solar industry for over a decade now and that I am part of the leading solar team in Bermuda which has helped save Bermudians over $4 million.

Since 2010, our team has installed over 500 systems and I am proud to have played a part in that. Fighting the climate emergency has become so important to me as I work hard every day to help our planet and community. As a company, we have managed to stop over 9,600 barrels of oil from being burnt into the atmosphere and this brings me so much pride.

In February of 2021, I became a father to a beautiful daughter named Aryah. As a young father, I take responsibility every day to make the planet a better place for her and her generation. We need all hands on deck to address the climate catastrophe and I am writing this opinion piece to share my story with young Bermudians and to inspire them to consider a fulfilling role in the local renewable energy industry.

We are constantly seeking talented young Bermudians to join our team. 


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