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Simply put, using the sun to generate electricity can save you 70-85% on your energy bills. A BE Solar system can provide you with a low-risk investment that will save you money for decades.  Let us help custom design and build a solar system that is right for you.

Most residential solar systems in Bermuda are grid-tied and will first send any solar energy produced to offset anything in the home that is consuming energy during that time.  If you produce more solar energy than you can use in real time, the surplus gets sent back to the grid and builds a credit on your BELCo account.  Depending on how much solar electricity you produce and how much energy you use, you can reduce, eliminate, or even earn a cumulative credit on your account. Credits are currently valued at the current Feed-In-Tarriff (FIT) rate of $0.22 per kWh. 

Solar electric (photovoltaic) panels convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity. An inverter converts this electricity into usable alternating current (AC) electricity which is used in your home and/or sold back to the electrical grid for a credit.

Tough enough to be the technology of choice to power machinery in the most remote locations, from communication satellites in outer-space to isolated communities back here on earth, solar electric technology has steadily evolved over the past 70 years to produce a mature and reliable product that you can depend on to provide power for your home.

BE Solar's solar electricity generation systems have no moving parts, and are simple and reliable. We only use the highest quality, marine grade equipment and materials to last you decades. A well designed and installed system could last over 50 years; this is backed up by an industry-standard 25-30 year power output warranty on our solar panels. The first modern solar cell that was produced by Bell Laboratories in 1954 is still producing electricity today!

Almost no effort is required for solar electricity generation systems, however a visual check of the solar panels, fastenings, and wiring and roof annually is a sensible precaution. BE Solar offers levels of customizable maintenance packages for your peace of mind.

This is a question we get all the time! It really comes down to how much electricity cost savings you want to receive. We are here to provide you with the best options to suit your individual goals and help you determine the right number of panels to meet those needs. Remember, with BE Solar, you can start small and always increase your system size by adding more panels in the future. Furthermore, we also provide a range of energy saving solutions that can help you save even more money by consuming less energy in your home.

Most properties in Bermuda are well-suited to solar electricity generation. Call us today to get a consultative assessment and a customize designed solution to best suit your needs!

Most systems can be installed in approximately 1 week, once we have obtained your approved building permit from the Department of Planning.

BE Solar has developed a customized roof mounting system, specifically for Bermuda roofs, which is capable of providing decades of worry-free service and can withstand 150mph winds. We take pride in using only marine grade stainless steel hardware to securely fix the solar panel racking to your roof rafters and construct a watertight bond built to last. Come visit our showroom on the corner of Pitt's Bay and St. John's Road to see a few demos of our roof attachment up close!

Our prices are for fully functional, turn-key solar electricity generation systems - we take care of everything:

- Site assessment, roof and shading analysis

- System design and proposal generation, tailored to your needs

- Department of Planning application, building permit and coordination of inspections

- Project management and coordination

- Highest quality equipment and materials, chosen for Bermuda's harsh marine climate

- Solar system installation

- BELCo interconnection meter upgrade installation

- System commissioning and activation

- Online and mobile system monitoring

- Client handover and solar system overview

- Post-installation customer assurance

Most solar systems are grid-tied and as part of the electrical code, shut down for safety when the power goes out. To keep you going through an outage, BE Solar offer the best battery back up systems, known as Enphase Ensemble, which seamlessly transitions your home from the grid to your own battery storage, automatically - you'll never know the power went out.


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