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BE Solar Celebrates 12 Years In Business

Posted on Thu, 24 Feb, 2022

Eighty six years ago, Bermuda Engineering Company Ltd. was founded by renewable energy pioneer Gordon Hamilton Burland who installed Bermuda’s first wind powered microgrid in Paget and designed a solar hot water panel for Bermuda’s iconic roofs. In 1935 he demonstrated bold energy leadership as he sought to shift the status quo in Bermuda by helping to care for our natural resources with clean renewable energy technology. 


In 2009, Burland’s great grandson, Travis Burland, started providing energy efficiency advice and consulting services and in 2010 he joined forces with his father Alan Burland and Stuart Kriendler to form BE Solar. Since then, the company has been focusing on helping people make sensible investments in high quality, reliable and clean energy solutions for their homes and businesses. 


Today BE Solar strives to continue the legacy of their founder and help uplift the community to become more self-reliant with renewable energy.  After years researching and testing different technologies, their team continues to use reliable products that provide the greatest impact specific to Bermuda. BE Solar recognises that the amount of money that Bermuda spends on fossil fuel and exports off the island is astronomical and unsustainable. Their goal is to empower more people to help current and future generations to stop wasting money and to end burning fossil fuel on our precious island home. 


Managing Director, Stuart Kriendler stated “Our team of 19 people has grown from strength to strength focusing on recruiting and training Bermudians to join the renewable energy industry. In 2022, over 50% of the team hold NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) certifications which holds the highest standards of Solar PV Installation techniques and Safety. With the goal of  80% of the team holding NABCEP certifications by 2023, the company plans to remain at the forefront of quality installations that will last decades for their clients.”


In addition to helping residents and businesses in Bermuda to save over $4.5million, since 2010, the team has installed over 450 solar systems around Bermuda which has resulted in over 9,200 panels being installed and 2.9MW worth of solar power being deployed in a 12 year period. The clean renewable energy that BE Solar has installed has helped to stop over 9,600 barrels of oil from being burnt and stopped over 3,600 metric tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. While all of these metrics demonstrate economic and environmental impact, BE Solar has created dozens of local job opportunities and continues to inspire young people to join the solar industry. 


Sales Director, Jo Frith mentioned “Over the years many people have invested in energy solutions from BE Solar because of the compelling low risk and high return investment value of their solar systems. Today it’s very encouraging to hear of more properties investing in renewable energy to also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to fight the climate crisis. The BE Solar team empowers Bermuda’s homes and businesses to take control of their own clean energy destiny.”


Not only does BE Solar help install energy solutions, they are committed to community awareness and education. Annually the team invests countless hours in working with local schools and the Bermuda College to teach students about sustainability, climate change and renewable energy. In addition, they work with local architects, interior designers and engineers to help firms understand how they can provision energy efficiency, solar and battery storage technology into new building and renovation projects. 


Stratton Hatfield, Director of Development explained more about their community initiatives, “Since 2016, BE Solar has been partnered with the Bermuda National Trust to help maintain the eastern area of the Paget Marsh. Biannually we host team days where our staff assists with removing invasive plants and planting native and endemic trees. No doubt, this is another gesture of our commitment to helping our local environment and it’s also a great way to build the morale and culture of our team.” 


Bermuda still relies heavily on imported fossil fuel making our island a vulnerable, polluting nation. Many people in our country feel powerless about their energy bills and seek ways to save money and help our environment. BE Solar sees the energy injustices in our community and feels the vulnerability of people faced with paying high electricity bills. The team seeks to take a fresh look at the various important energy matters including energy costs and rate structures in order to focus on helping our island move towards achieving the Integrated Resource Plan renewable energy targets of 80% renewable energy by 2030. 


As BE Solar enters their 12th year of business, they will continue to provide hope and savings to current and future generations by focusing on achieving their vision of an efficient Bermuda powered by affordable renewable energy by providing the highest quality energy solutions accessible to all.



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