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Eighty-six years ago, Bermuda Engineering Company (now known as BE Solar) was founded by renewable energy pioneer Gordon Hamilton Burland. He installed Bermuda’s first wind powered microgrid and designed a solar hot water panel for Bermuda roofs. Back in 1935, this demonstrated bold energy leadership as he sought to shift the status quo in Bermuda by utilizing our natural resources to harness energy. 

In 2023, Bermuda relies heavily on imported fossil fuel making our island a vulnerable, polluting nation. Many people in our country feel powerless about their energy bills and seek ways to save money and help our environment. Our team at BE Solar sees the energy injustices in our community. We feel the vulnerability and we hear the challenges that people face with paying high electricity bills and oil on top of their rooftops. 

Today we strive to continue the legacy of our founder and help uplift our community to become self reliant with renewable energy. After years researching and testing different technologies, we continue to use reliable products that provide the greatest impact specific to Bermuda. At BE Solar, we empower current and future generations to not only save money but to end burning fossil fuel on our precious island home. 

Since 2010 our experienced team has provided property owners with sensible investments in; reliable, high quality, clean energy solutions.


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